Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yummy things

I just found myself eating chocolate...a lot of chocolate.  Why is this a problem?  Technically I'm on a diet. Have been on a diet now for the past few weeks just praying giving up my favorite foods will help me shed a few pounds.  It's been good for discipline, but I'm not seeing much change on the scale just yet.  Diets are a really annoying thing, aren't they?  I'm trying to figure out why I decided I needed to diet in the first place. I had promised myself to stop being so obsessive about my weight and focus instead on taking care of myself.  Then I plopped right down into this country that has the most amazing food - croissants, schnitzel, beer, wine, and...chocolate :)  Despite having a pretty regular yoga practice and hiking all these mountains, er, hills everyday, my waist band is very generously enjoying my new life in Germany.

Not that I give a rats bahoody if I get happily round (I refuse to use the word "fat" - I think it's a nasty word), I would just like to be comfortable in my clothes and I hate the idea of having to buy a new wardrobe for my ever-expanding booty.  So, I joined my running buddy here on a diet plan.  We were both looking for some motivation from each other, although I think she needs much less than I do.

Enter chocolate... What happened?!  I honestly have no clue.  I went running with my running buddy and I just can't seem to stop feeling hungry today.  As I sat in my living room reading my favorite blogs and pretending to research environmental law issues, everything around me became a piece of chocolate. It was uncanny really.  I can thank my sweet hubby who is an adoring chocolate fanatic for having chocolate on hand for me in the fridge.  It was supposed to be off-limits, and I had been doing such a great job eyeing it every day.  The urge overwhelmed me and before I knew it my legs were involuntarily leaving the chair and walking me to the kitchen.  And there it was... in its scrumptious package - RITTER SPORT chocolate with whole hazel nuts.   Only the best chocolate EVER.  Have you ever tried the stuff? If you are a chocolate lover like I am and haven't had the joy of tasting this insane creation of milk chocolate loveliness, let me know. We'll send you some.  How I lasted this long is as much a mystery as what prompted me to attack that chocolate like a cat on a tuna can.

Eh, the diet can start again tomorrow...

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