Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I keep having to remind myself that it's almost Thanksgiving.  You would think all the constant chatter on Facebook about Thanksgiving and all the emails and text messages that have been exchanged about what friends and family are making for the holiday would make it a little obvious.  Despite all that, I've still been distracted.  Today it finally started feeling like Thanksgiving.  The holidays are in the air.  I had lunch with a friend in downtown Bamberg today, and the Christmas market is well underway and will come into full swing this weekend with the beginning of Advent.  The weather shifted as well.  We have been spoiled with a warm fall with crisp mornings and sunny afternoons, but I think that is gone by the wayside as winter is on its way.  In Bamberg the valley fills up with ice fog in the morning that feels like a cloud full of ice. When you walk through it you can feel the icy mist touch your face.  Feels somewhat magical to me even if it chills you to the bone.

We get to enjoy another long weekend as a family.  No plans to leave home this weekend - at least not far from home.  We'll be spending Thanksgiving Day with our TDS JAG family, and we have plans to spend some time this weekend with friends exploring the Christmas market in downtown Bamberg, which we have been told is all about the experience of warming up with a cup of Gluhwein and walking through the sea of nativity scenes and beautiful lights.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family.  We hope you have plans to spend Thanksgiving with close family and friends.  Stay warm and have a peaceful holiday.  You will be in our thoughts!

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