Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My little bear loves music, and this makes me a very proud mama. Not only does he love music, but he is hip and has an ear for groovy tunes. Could be all the commuting I did when I was pregnant blasting the most recent pop rock tunes or all the times we danced to Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga... Yes, I am that mom... the one that still thinks she's 15 and listen to all the pop rock tunes that makes Big R's head spin. Even though I agree that music is just not what it used to be, there's some sort of release in blasting the number 1 song from the radio and learning all the words to the song every kid in high school knows by heart. Of course, memorizing such a thing is easy when it's played on the radio 5 times an hour. That said, my all time fave is grooving to the Shins during a car ride, or singing KT Tunstall at the top of my lungs.

All that aside, I'm not all about pop rock music, but better yet, neither is little r. This girl has always loved it all, and I'm hoping to raise my son to be the same way. Little r does love his Lady Gaga though.

The latest music love for our family is Broken Bells. If you haven't heard of this band or its music yet, you should give it a spin - it'll truly change your life! Not only is the music awesome, but the lead singer (from the Shins) and song writer is a poet with the most incredible lyrics. Little r loves this music so much that he cheers every time we put it on. He jams in his carseat or does his beloved Frankenstein dance (promise to get this on video soon!) and then claps screaming "yay" when the music ends. The only other band he gets this excited about is the Beatles, but then again, who doesn't?? (I have one friend that hates the Beatles, you know who you are, so just look away, my dear, look away.)

My hope is that little r continues his adoration for music. For now, here is his favorite tune:

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  1. Broken Bells are always in the rotation at the Bradford household. Their new EP is good too.