Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great beginnings...

I'm entering a new chapter in life - yet again, and this time it has inspired me to share the adventure through writing. Being as this adventure is going to take us across international waters, it seems only right to bring you along for the ride. My life is one comical satire after another fueled continuously by little R, my 18-month raucous bear, and my adoring husband whose Army career helps keep him grounded. Add into the mix a 12-year-old pup, a wild tiger, and a fluffy ragamuffin, and the stories abound! My life has been one adventure after another, and I find myself still wondering what my adult life is going to look like. Suppose you could say I'm refusing to grow up, or maybe it's just that I'm enjoying taking my time or I've somehow lost the ability to know when I've gotten there.

Army life is an interesting one. I'm not a stranger to the military, and you could say based on the love-interests of my past, that I've been drawn to men serving our country. My mom was an Air Force wife for nearly 20 years. Being as I saw it from the eyes of a little girl, I can't say whether it was different than being the Army wife that I am now. In many ways though, I find myself paralleling her life. The Army is taking us on a new adventure to Germany. Little R will be nearly the same age I was when my dad took our family to Germany. Man, I hope Germany is ready for my crazy little bear. He will be in German kindergarten singing German songs and doing his little Frankenstein dance (maybe it'll be more hip over there). His blond hair will hopefully win over the locals (ok, yes, it's red some days, but I'm sure that the red will flame out!).

The biggest part of this adventure for me will be staying at home. It is truly a new chapter in my adult life. The stars will align, won't they? If my past has taught me anything, it's to believe in myself and let life lead me where it may. So, I'm diving in, or taking off, or tripping? My past has also taught me that too much work can weigh you down, and balance isn't just a cliche, but a necessity for sanity. So sanity, here I come! Did I mention that before I get to experience such sanity, I have to prepare my life for this move? Ah yes, and so the blogging begins. The adventures start with the preparations, as they always should...

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