Saturday, April 9, 2011


Big R recently received an email from the "transportation" crew stating that we are officially within the 90-day window before his report date. My reaction should have been, "cool, we still have three months before we leave." Instead my reaction went something like this,"HOLY SH*@! We only have three months to get everything ready!" Yes, I can be a little dramatic sometimes.

But seriously, 90-days is really not much time for a type A personality like mine. I always wish I could be that person that just lets the movers come in the door, pack up our things, and meet us on the other side. My little pea brain doesn't function that way. No, I have to plan and coordinate everything. Although it might create a dab more stress in the preparations, the theory is that it will make things much simpler on the other end. In other words, I'm going to lose my sanity, just to keep it.

As soon as Big R got his Orders, my wheels started spinning. Where to begin? I was literally overwhelmed not knowing where to start first. What room to tackle, what are we storing, what are we bringing, what can we throw away? Yes, it was time to make some lists. That's not a typo, I am making several lists. Being paranoid I'll forget something drives my motivation to make these lists. I even put things on the list that I had already accomplished, just so I could check some of them off. Considering one of my lists was 3 pages long, I felt that tightness in my chest ease as I put careful "checks" next to several of the items. So, what's left you ask? Pretty much everything, but at least I have it all written down so that the burden is put in some sort of order.

No stress. That is my mantra. At least we still have 90-days.

Whenever I start to feel stressed, I just look at this face:

How can you not smile with this bundle of cuteness looking at you?!

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