Sunday, April 17, 2011

Devil's in the details...

This week we went from planning hypothetically, to whipping out the calendar and picking dates. The Army has a million layers of red tape that we have to go through each step along the way. First, little r and I have to be fit for travel. Yes, believe it or not, the Army does not want the liability of shipping us overseas if we aren't "fit" to travel and live there. Gotta love the bureaucracy... Happy to report, several appointments, vaccinations, phone calls, and faxes later, we are fit to join the hubby on this adventure. Well, at least the 'ol Doctor's believe that we are. (When was the last time you got a booster shot? OUCH! Now I know why little r screams when he gets his shots!) One big milestone conquered, only a million more to defeat!

We are soaking up the abundant advice from folks like a sponge. Between Big R's sponsor, and awesome Army wives stationed in Germany, we are getting excellent guidance. Our most helpful coaching has come from the Colonel and his wife. Not sure what we'd do without our fearless leader. The Colonel has done two tours to different posts in Germany, and he and his wife are oozing with information answering questions we didn't even realize we had. Long story short, after a dinner out with these special folk, we now have a good idea of what we are taking, leaving in storage, and tossing to the curb. We also got enough information so that our schedules could be more informed.

More to come on this part of our adventure. Big R is in the process of working with travel for his flights, and little r and I should be receiving our official orders this week. The devil is definitely in the details and since that devil refuses to sit still, I'll wait to nail down some of those particulars before sharing to avoid boring you with the constant changing minutia.

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