Monday, February 6, 2012

On the warmer, sunnier side of things...

This morning was frigid and leaving little r at kindergarten was difficult today.  That said, I had to provide a quick blog update because picking him up from school was a completely different experience.

Before I even had a chance to tether Rani so I could head inside the Kindergarten, I hear this little voice hollering, "Mommy! Mommy, you're here! Mommy, mommy!" And sweet little r was running out of the door.  I was a tad bit earlier today to pick him up than I have been, and there was a flurry of parents leaving the building, which was the only reason little r found his way out to me.  I hollered back, "Don't forget, we have to get your backpack!"  And he did a 180 degree turn and ran back in and down the hallway.  I barely got my foot in the door, and he was running toward me proudly carrying his backpack.  It was really cute - the whole scenario.

As we are leaving to walk home in much, much warmer weather, little r and I quickly partnered up with the other German mother that I ran into several times last week.  Our little ones forced us together, but in all reality, I think we have been curious about each other for months now and we enjoyed the walk home so we could get acquainted.  She knows English fairly well, as it turns out, but she told me (in German) that she would speak only German and let me practice unless I struggle.  Nina is her name, and we had an entire conversation on our way home. I was surprised at how little English was spoken by either of us. She complimented me on how good my German is already. HA! That made me feel good. She was being "nice," but I was surprised at how much I knew how to say, and more by how much I understood of what she was saying to me. I want to know more! (I told you before, I have very little patience - hahahaha.)

Turns out our boys are pretty close in age.  They are not in the same group at school though, so they weren't familiar with each other yet. That didn't stop them from becoming instant friends.  Her son was a tad taken aback by little r's English, but I'm betting that won't last long.  Dare I say, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship...for both of us :)  

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