Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cuteness factor...

Kids are cute, just one of those things that keeps you lovin' them after they keep you up all night or wake you up for the day before dawn or make shopping a nightmare. But sometimes your kid tips the cuteness scale. Little r did that repeatedly this week.

Like when he said, "River's hot" on the way to school one very cold morning and I realized he was referring to the "steam" coming from his mouth. Or how he keeps running around the house saying "River's cute" with a huge smile on his face. Or when he is finally aware of the icky phlem In his throat from his cold and when he coughs he says, "ewww, gross! River cough!"

But this morning he topped it all and melted my heart. When Big R has to be away from home we always tell him "Daddy has to work." when he thinks about Big R he'll randomly tell me that "Daddy work!" This week he told me a number of times that he wanted to give Daddy a hug. This morning when he said, "Daddy work," I said, "yeah, Daddy is still at work. Do you miss him? Mommy really misses him." and he replied, "I do, too..."

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