Friday, February 24, 2012

Challenge update

I started Phase 2 this week and I will soon be at the half-way mark of my 12-week challenge. One thing is for sure, Jamie Eason kicks some serious butt. The first phase wasn't that bad. I was sore, sure, but other than being a little time consuming, the workouts were very doable. Besides, there was no cardio in Phase 1, so I wasn't terribly fatigued.

Enter Phase 2 - ah, holy hell. This phase is hardcore. As my friend so eloquently put it, I really could have gone for Phase 1.5. Jamie steps it up about ten notches with this second phase and I am feeling every muscle in my body - oy!

So working out 4-5 times a week at the gym for four weeks has to bear some results, you would hope, right? I can certainly notice a difference but the changes are subtle.

I've lost only about three pounds total. However, the first phase was not about weight loss, so it's not a good gauge for progress. My friend, K, suggested I take measurements to avoid getting discouraged, and that was really great advice.

As much as I'm embarrassed to share, here is a "before picture". I forgot to take photos at the start, so this was taken a couple weeks in.

So far I've lost 1.5 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips, 1 inch off my thighs, and 1 inch from my chest (probably the only measurement I wish was heading in the other direction). I haven't lost any inches from my arms yet, but I can see strength and definition I did not have before. The best part is that I didn't start taking measurements until the start of week 3!

Here I am after Phase 1. Not sure you can tell the difference yet, but I notice the subtleties. (btw, it's super embarrassing to take a picture of yourself at the gym - lucky for me the gym wasn't too busy and hopefully no one noticed!)

These results are certainly motivating and it's a good thing because Phase 2 is extremely challenging and very time consuming. We are now in the gym 6 days a week and doing cardio 3-4 of those days on top of lifting weights. This workout is not for the weary - it is no joke!

Being in the gym all the time is not making me like it more or helping me feel at home there. Unfortunately I'm hating more now than I did before I started.

I've also developed a new pet peeve - people that don't put their weights away! It's always those men that stack on the 45-pounders that leave their weights, too. Something tells me I will have a newfound addiction to the gym soon though. I was already feeling it this morning when I was sensing worry about what I was going to do to stay in shape when this program is over.

One thing I truly miss is my yoga practice, and I look forward to getting back into that when my butt is kicked into gear at the end of the 12 weeks. Even if I can find time, my muscles are too fatigued to have a safe and enjoyable yoga session.

I will also enjoy running the trails around our house again. I could technically do my cardio sessions at home, but after a rough workout, it's nice to be completed when I walk in the door.

All this aside, I'm excited to be seeing results and even more psyched to see things at the finish line. My eating habits are 10-fold better, and it's rewarding to be taking such good care of myself and my family by feeding us all well.

I'll give you another update when I start Phase 3 in a few weeks. Stay tuned and thanks for all the support :)

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