Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside...

This was the third day in a row of waking up to negative temperatures. I had forgotten how cold that can feel. We stayed inside most of the weekend because little r is fighting a cold and frankly, it's not terribly pleasant to feel your limbs go numb.

This morning we had to face the cold to bring little r to kindergarten. I had convinced him most days last week to do the trek from his stroller. This was a huge relief to me because my arms were getting tired from carrying him most of the way, and it was much easier to keep him warm under blankets.

This morning little r decided he was walking and nothing was going to change his mind. Regardless of how much i bundled him up, the little guy didn't last long before he was freezing.

As much as he seems to enjoy school, he is not a fan of me leaving. I guess you could say he's reached that clingy phase, and it's only been made worse by Big R being gone for awhile. Good to know he hasn't grown too sick of me and does still love me, but that'll break your heart... Just hoping he gets over this soon.

The walk home was brutal. I couldn't get little r's cries out of my head and the cold was biting right through me. Despite having two layers of pants on, my thighs went numb from the cold. Droplets of moisture stand no chance in these temperatures, so the puppy's whiskers were frozen from her breath and my gloves were iced over from little r's tears.

The sun is shining, and even though it's cold, it is unbelievably beautiful today. I'm going to let the rays of sunshine lift my spirits as I get myself to the gym. I hope you all have a beautiful day as well and stay warm wherever you are...

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