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Hi! After almost thirty years, I finally met the love of my life in law school.  We got married, he joined the Army, and we had a beautiful little boy.  The Army decided we needed an adventure, so they stationed us in Germany.  Leaving our families, our prior life, and my career behind, we set off for an amazing journey overseas.
We enjoyed our life in Europe to the fullest.  Germany touched a  special place in our hearts as we embraced the language, explored the culture, and truly made such a beautiful country our home.  We also traveled, and I mean we seriously traveled.  Our skills traveling with little ones improved with every adventure whether I was chasing a toddler, pregnant, or nursing our baby, we never let the children slow us down as we discovered all the amazing corners of the Old World.

The Army has sent us back home to the U.S.  Germany truly became home, too, so we find ourselves finding both places comforting yet foreign.  My family's sense of adventure has continued in full force, so it seems there is never a dull moment or a blog-worthy tale. Living life as a military family tends to keep things entertaining and interesting as well.

As a mom, an Army wife, an adventure-seeker, lawyer, writer, realist, and dreamer, I write this blog to share our adventures and the details of our daily lives both overseas and here at home in the U.S. with our friends and family.  My life creates constant fodder for stories, and I have found that I am continuously learning more and more about myself with each and every adventure.  I love blogging about all the beautiful places we visit, but more than that, I enjoy sharing the wonderful things that make our lives whole whether it be the good, the bad, or the ugly...

Thanks for visiting this blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing and sharing all of it with you.  

With love from all of us...

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