Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunny morning run

Oh how I've missed my outdoor runs. Since I can remember, I've always had some aspect of running in my life. I've never been exceptionally fast or good at it, but I never let that stop me from enjoying a nice run. Sprinting was my thing until I decided to tackle marathons in my late 20's, and although I felt a huge sense of accomplishment after completing three marathons, it became pretty clear to me that my body was not built for long distance running. In fact, I have been having so many issues with my hips that I thought I might have to hang up my hat on running for good. I so much as road it off last summer before we moved here to Germany.

Then...we moved here. Not only are we in Germany, but we are in Bavaria, and it suits our lifestyle so well. Except for my time in Vermont, I have never lived somewhere so incredibly perfect for running. The environment here inspired me, and it only took a couple of runs to get me hooked again (despite the hip pain).  I was excited that once little r started kindergarten, I would have some time on my own to start running these beautiful trails on a regular basis.

Somehow I decided to beat my booty into shape and take on a 12-week fitness challenge (Jamie Eason's LIVEFIT 12-week Trainer) that has had me locked in a gym six days a week for the past few months. The workouts have been long and sometimes arduous, but I know I'll be happy with the results when I've finished. These last two weeks of my challenge shift from HIIT training with active rests and sprints nearly every day, to lesser weight with more reps and lots of cardio. Getting my gym workout done in 30 minutes or less has freed me up to do more with my mornings again, including hit the trails for an energy boosting run.

I forgot how different it is to run outside than it is on a treadmill. Despite the constant cardio work I've been putting my body through at the gym, my run today was heavy and slow. I despise treadmills, I really do, and my run today reminded me why I prefer to run outside. After doing sprints for two weeks at the gym, I was ready to push myself - HA - that was not going to happen. Today was all about making it up the hills without giving myself a heart attack. I made it, and oddly it just renewed the excitement in me that doing this regularly is going to help me be in great shape!

And how awesome is it to run here? After struggling up my first large hill, I caught myself squinting my eyes because I thought I was seeing things and wanted to blame it on being out of breath. In front of me was a horse drawn carriage - YES, a horse drawn carriage - how cool is that?! I really thought I was hallucinating in some sort of 1800's dreamworld, but I was quickly drawn back by Lady Gaga wailing through my headphones. I love living here, and I can't wait to make these runs a regular part of my routine.

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  1. I can see by your picture that it does have a sense of Vermont only on 'steroids'! You are so fortunate to be able to spend time in such a great environment and thanks to your husband (and you) for his support of each of us here in the US!