Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Four-Leggeds

I spend an awful lot of time blaming my toddler for my sleep deprivation, and that's not entirely fair. The truth of the matter is that he has partners in crime that assist him in this task and they are all exceptionally good at it. Lately it has been getting a tad bit ridiculous. I have four kids, five if I count Big R, and they all have it out for me. Seriously, if one of them is having a good night, then another is determined to disrupt my restful slumber multiple times throughout the night.

Our biggest problem child the past couple of weeks has been Lucy. Rani has her moments, and Sarge is always waking me up at least twice a night to go outside (and then come back in again), but Lucy has taken the big prize for keeping us both awake all night for...Oh land, I have no idea how long we've let this go on, but it's been TOO long, we'll just put it that way.

What's her deal? Well, aside from the fact that she's just a "special" cat, she has some extremely irritating "things." Her litter box visits are probably our favorite of her habits - I had no clue a cat could make THAT much noise using the can. It's truly a sight to be "heard." Lately she has gotten territorial at night. Probably because until we started inviting her to sleep with us at night about a month or so ago, Sarge would give her the stink eye and beat her up until she stayed far away from us. Now she thinks she owns the place, or at least she wants us to think that she does. Hardly, but nice try anyways, Lucy.

As soon as Sarge goes outside during the night, Lucy scratches on the glass door like a maniac. It's the most annoying sound EVER at 3 a.m. We got creative and blocked the door, we've used water bottles and thrown pillows at her, the little fuzzball is just too determined for her own good. Next best thing - just lock the brats out. And that's exactly what we did. She's a cuddly orange fur-ball to sleep with, but we're seriously losing our sanity. How do we let our four-leggeds always get the best of us? We are the biggest suckers, we know.

So, as soon as she started doing her scratching dance last night, we helped her exit the room; Sarge, too. Funny, but that was the first full night of uninterrupted sleep I've had in months. When my alarm went off I was annoyed that I was getting a phone call in the middle of the night. Haha, right, who calls me?!

The goal is to try NOT to let the fuzzy creatures own the place. It's tough though. They show their teeth, but more than that, they are just too darned cute most of the time. I'm hoping there are many more uninterrupted nights in my near future. Sorry, kittens, but the big people need to sleep...

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