Monday, April 2, 2012

Challenging challenges

Somehow this is becoming the year of challenges for me. I suppose this is how we achieve personal growth, especially when we are gainfully unemployed for all the right reasons.

I have two more weeks left of my 12-week workout challenge. Only two weeks! Wow, that feels so good to say that. I am thrilled that I decided to do this plan, but I couldn't be more excited to complete it and start focusing on some other aspects of my life.

Enter challenge #2 for the year: 30-day blog challenge (

My friend, K, got me into this one as well. The girl is really good at being convincing, that or she has a knack for finding ways to enrich her life and she likes to share it with others. I decided since I spent the last several months focusing on my body, it was time to start focusing on my mind.

The 30-day challenge is about creating accountability to give you a reason and motivation for helping your blog take off, and it felt like the perfect way for me to get content started for my new legal blog. I'll keep blogging here, too, no worries. My plan is to do 30 blog posts in the month of April between "River Runs Through It" and "Green Trees and Legalese." Hopefully this will be the extra push I need to get comfortable writing my legal blog. And maybe I'll get lucky and start increasing my readership a bit.

Thanks for supporting me in all my crazy endeavors.

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