Friday, April 6, 2012

Destination Prague

This morning we are packing up the family to head to Prague for Easter. Prague has an amazing Easter festival, so we decided we didn't want to miss it.

Things couldn't be much different for us on this trip compared to our last. Instead of trains, we're driving Big R's race car, and instead of 12 hours, it will only take us three to arrive in the beautiful city of Prague. We are also going with friends this time, so we'll have some friends to share our adventures with and we can't wait.

Rumors are that driving in Prague can be pretty exciting especially since all the signs are in Czech, which is a challenging language with a completely foreign alphabet. So, I'm sure there will be at least one exciting adventure story to share when we get back.
Big R and I have been to Prague before but we went on much different terms. We took a night train in a couchette (tad less comfortable than a sleeper car and barely a step up from sleeping in a seat), and made our reservations for our stay right as we were boarding the train in Munich because our decision to go to Prague was made on a whim (actually, not one of our arrangements were pre planned for that trip - fun, but something I decided I'm getting way too old to ever do again). This was five years ago just after we graduated from law school - we were a little younger and maybe a bit more spontaneous back then. We stayed in a hostel just outside the city center, and it had just what we needed but not a thing more.
This time around we made the decision to go months in advance with our friends, and I found a great little B&B in a perfect location for about a third of the cost as the average hotel. Can't beat that!!! We're hoping all goes as well as we expect and we're excited to share the experience with our close friends and their baby girl.

Stayed tuned for fun details about our trip. I'm going to sign off now and climb into the car for our next adventure :)

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