Friday, August 5, 2011

The monster ensues...

This little guy has been quite the trooper during this transitional phase.  Not being quite two years old, I can't imagine he has any clue what is going on.  All he knows is that his Daddy and his puppy went "to work" and haven't come home in a long time, and that some men came and took everything out of his house.  I suppose watching the world you have come to know disappear all around you could be a little unsettling, even at two years old.

When we got to my dad's house, little r made the decision that I was not allowed to leave his sight.  Clingy is putting it lightly.  Mommy needed to stay "here," and there was no arguing about that!  He also very quickly taught himself how to crawl out of his pack-n-play.  This was not something I had prepared myself for, but then again, most of what little r does every day, I could never prepare myself for.

It's been a challenge - I'm not going to say it's been rough, because I am honestly blessed with an amazing child.  He laughs at everything and generally enjoys every bit of life, and he's so freaking cute I can hardly stand it.  That said, this week has been a handfull for us both.  The transition was a lot to take in for the little guy, and couple that with getting sick and having a fever, and you have a perfect storm.  He felt like crap, refused to eat, and went on a nap strike, so he was exhausted and overtired.  Bedtime has become a marathon event - battle of the wills!  Mommy always prevails but not after a valiant effort from the little man.  Mornings come early, but I have yet to learn and won't get myself into bed until I've answered emails, checked the 'ol social network on Facebook, and read a few pages in my book.

I had a list of a million things I wanted to do this final week here in the States thinking I'd have all this free time.  HA!  That makes me laugh to think about that.  I rewrote my list, and just looking at it, I realized I have as one of my important "must do's" as "Read Book."  Seriously, people, am I ridiculous or what?!  I have to remind myself to read my book because I want to finish it before I leave on Monday.  The friend that lent it to me read it in two days.  I think I'm on week 3.  Ah well...  The list of important things is all relevant.  Frankly, if none of it gets done before Monday, we all know I'll live to tell you about it.

Only three more days :)     

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