Friday, August 12, 2011

Initial thoughts...

1. Traveling overseas with a cat and a toddler is a challenge even for the most independent.
2. Keeping a toddler awake and exhausting him by running around the airport is not a guarantee that he will sleep on the flight.
3. 8+ hours is too long for a cat to go without pooping and airplane bathrooms are very small for big messes.
4. United does not get high priority at Frankfurt International Airport and air stairs are exciting with a toddler and a car seat (and a cat that just pissed herself).
5. Germans are sehr freundlich and they love kids, dogs, and beer.
6. Germans do not kid around with their driving - holy crap 100 mph is fast!
7. Living without a kitchen can make you creative.
8. Our little town is quaint and beautiful and our home is cozy and chic.
9. I have gotten far too comfortable with needing the Internet and a phone - iPhones are pretty cool afterall.
10. Big R is the greatest husband in the world and my old puppy is going to retire in style.

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