Friday, August 19, 2011

Just gave my dishes a bath

Quite literally one of the most difficult adjustments has been living without a kitchen. It's doable, obviously, but it never occurred to me how useful and convenient a kitchen can be. Rumor has it our kitchen could be on its way as soon as Monday. In the meantime we have gotten exceptionally good at using our large European bath tub to do the dishes and we get creative eating fresh foods and using our handy microwave. I realize there are so many more foods I could create without the need for a stove, etc., but darnit (this is where I stomp my foot like a 5-year-old) I don't want to be creative, I just want my pretty little kitchen.

Here is the space where our kitchen will be installed:

Yep, just an empty room. I wasn't joking when I said the Germans take everything with them including the kitchen sink. Our apartment is quickly becoming a home despite missing a few somewhat essential elements. This is the dining area that is serving as our make-shift kitchen at the moment:

Not too shabby. Big R gets the credit for setting up the other rooms in our house. These pictures hardly do this place the justice it deserves. It's difficult to illustrate the vast open spaces and brilliant light our many picture windows create. It'll be more fun to photograph once it becomes more complete. This will give you a taste of what's to come.

Here is the family room area:

The sitting and reading room:

And the chic bedroom:

I get just a few kudos for little r's space:

All in all it's a lovely and very cozy home. We were very lucky to find this place and Big R is my hero for making sure it became ours.

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  1. Wow, Rory, "hero" status is hard to come by but you did a great job from finding the house to making it a home. Now I only have one thing to say, when are you going to get internet?????? I want to video chat with the big guy (not to be confused with the big R)
    Love you guys . . . Dad