Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When life gets crazy just make more lists...

My head is seriously spinning.  When I last wrote you I mentioned that we were leaving for a week of pure bliss and would return to a world of madness.  I promise to tell you all of the fun details and share Big R's amazing photos from our week of wonder, but right now I'm swimming in the madness.  The good news is that despite it being an insanely crazy time, everything is coming together relatively well.  It's so nice when that happens.  When you can check things off of your list and feel a sense of relief instead of running into more closed doors or huge obstacles, it definitely reduces stress in a big way.

We got back from our cruise on Sunday (after a crazy adventure of recovering Big R's missing iPhone from the cruise boat - an experience I hope to never have to repeat), and prepared ourselves for the weeks that lie ahead.  Big R immediately went into the office to do prep work for a trial he is in all week, and I feverishly unpacked and did laundry so that I could focus the next day on other tasks (i.e., getting a new military ID because I had lost mine (seriously bad timing)), and making phone calls to banks, DMVs, shipping ports for the cars, etc.

Big R and I hit the ground running first thing Monday morning.  Good thing we found his iPhone because we have definitely given it a workout in the last 48 hours.  My ID was found, and Big R managed to get all the paperwork together that I needed to make this a productive week of PCS planning.  Any of my military friends know that PCS planning often means making lists of lists to not forget other lists.  There are so many pieces you have no choice but to find some way to organize and keep track of things.  Add to the mix that life doesn't stop while you are PCSing, and you really learn to stay organized or you'll otherwise lose your sanity.

Today was a fantastic day where I was able to get many questions answered and big dates scheduled for our PCS.  We now have flights (with pets reserved), our household goods pick up date is on the books, and we have an appointment to drop off the car for stateside shipping.  The pets were really a point of major stress for our move to Germany, but this time around things are coming together well in that regard (thank goodness), and the much bigger headache has been dealing with our cars.  Despite the headaches though, those pieces of the puzzle are working themselves out as well (I'm just buried in mountains of paperwork and I want to cry at the sticker shock from the costs associated with shipping our car).

Our new duty station will be Fort Campbell, and we have heard pretty good things about this assignment from an army perspective.  We'll be living in Clarksville, Tennessee, in a cute little house we are renting in a seemingly great neighborhood.   Big R's "race car" will meet us in Atlanta when we land there (that's as far as the pets can go because flights into Nashville can't fit our furry buddies), and our storage shipment we left in the US should be delivered to us at some point that first week we are there.  I'm a little terrified to see what we've been storing for the past 3 years.

So, for the next few weeks we'll be filling out paperwork and preparing our house for the pick up of our goods.  Big R will finish his trial this week just in time for our big "JAG prom" over the weekend, and my final thesis is then due on Tuesday.  We seem to finally have working internet and phone, which is a variable we've been fighting with for awhile now, so hopefully that means I'll get my blog posts written to share stories about our cruise adventure. I really can't wait to tell you all about it!



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