Saturday, April 12, 2014

And the ship sets sail...

We are hitting all sorts of milestones this week, or that's how it seems. In T minus 24 hours we are walking onto a huge and beautiful boat (ahem, ship) to spend a week sailing the Mediterranean. Am I excited? Words don't describe the level of excitement, especially after the insane past few months we've had and the even more chaotic couple of months ahead.

First things first, school is going incredibly well. I submitted a draft of my thesis this week, which feels so huge, the week before I completed a draft project for publication with the University folks I met with in Leipzig last month, and I have a potential job prospect starting later this year that I'm really hoping comes to fruition.

Phew... Busy month! Our next exciting news is that we finished the half marathon in Prague. We had a fantastic time with our friends and I somehow managed to have a really good race, so all around happy trip. I promise to write more about it when we return from our big boat excursion.

And finally, the most awesome news of all is that Big R finally got his orders AND we secured housing yesterday, so we have a place to live at our new assignment. It's a cute house in an amazing neighborhood with the best school district, a gym (with daycare) just down the street, a nearby playground, and a babysitter literally next door. Seriously pinch me. Having housing is a HUGE deal in the otherwise mess of confusion that PCS season creates, so we are instantly feeling better about things. With orders in hand we are one step closer to knowing more definitive plans about our return back to the US this summer. Hope to tell you a little more about that soon.

For this week though, I'm taking my amazingly sweet and hard-headed little man, and my talkative little mover, on a cruise of one of the most beautiful areas in the world, and I can't wait. Little r should finally get to have fun on one of our trips, and I have no doubt baby c will make us many new friends and adopt several Greek and Italian grandmothers in the next 7 days.

Enjoy your week, happy Easter, and much love to you all! See you when we get back from our sail!



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  1. Looks like a great trip. Love your blog. Have a great trip.

    Beth and I are in the same general area, in Israel, now headed for Turkey and eventually Croatia, Italy, and Germany. Sister City trip to Israel

    Craig H