Friday, December 28, 2012

Where is he taking me?!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season.  It's nice to know it's not quite over yet (although my body could certainly take a break from all the sugar sweets!), and we still have one more holiday left before life tries to return to normal.  What are your plans for New Years this year?

This year my hubby is taking me to a surprise destination to ring in the New Year.  I'm not even kidding... for months now he has planned a "mystery trip" being careful not to give me even a single detail.  He's always working hard to make this time of year special for me. I have one of those birthdays that can easily be forgotten because it lands, quite literally, right after the holidays on January 2.  This year is no exception :)  It has been months in the planning, and today is finally the day that we leave for our mysterious trip!

So, where is he taking me?  I'm not lying when I say I haven't got a clue.  He didn't even tell me what to pack until yesterday! Can you believe he kept this secret for so long?!  Is he taking me to Switzerland to play in the snow? To the islands to find a piece of the sun?  To South Africa on a safari? Or up to Iceland to sleep in an igloo and see the northern lights?  

What I do know today is that we are leaving at noon to head to the Frankfurt Airport and we'll be back on Tuesday.  I also now know that the weather is pretty typical for Europe this time of year, but slightly warmer than the weather we are having here in Germany.  Hmmm... My bags are packed and it was a hoot to pull all my things together with no idea where I'd be spending the next four days.

If you could go anywhere (within reason, of course) as a surprise destination, where would you hope it would be?  I'm afraid to guess because I'm so excited with anticipation that I'm afraid to ruin it!  Besides, I've made it this far and now I'm within hours now of knowing :)  

We'll be back next week and I promise to share all of the fun details!  Until then, I hope everyone has a safe and very happy New Years!


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