Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Upside down

That's how I'm feeling at the moment - a tad bit upside down, or sideways, or frazzled. Searching for just a smidgen of normalcy in my life after being away from home for awhile. No matter how amazing the trip - and believe you me, it was really freaking amazing - being gone from your normal day-to-day life for two weeks can be marginally exhausting.

I'm still feeling this way after getting home from transatlantic travel that was virtually painless thanks to an awesome husband that sat with our equally sweet sleeping toddler. Big R sat with the wild child on the flight home. He figured I earned the flight on my own this time. Then little r surprised us both by snoozing through a large part of the flight, and even napping for most of the drive home.

I was able to kick back, watch a couple in-flight movies, drink a glass or two of wine, maybe grab a couple hours of "sleep", and generally relax. A nice relief after the adventure that brought us stateside two weeks ago.

So, here I am searching for a little normalcy and hoping to get back on our routine. Big R has a busy month at work, and little r is out of school for a few weeks. Looks like we're all going to be begging to get our groove back.

I wasted no time and got all our things unpacked, straightened the house, cleaned up after the wild kitties, and got a load of laundry done. Now I'm forcing myself to cook dinner so we can avoid eating out for the 100th time this week. Then it's bath time and bed for the little AND big ones in the house.

It was an absolutely incredible week, so I promise to share some of the stories in a few blogs hopefully before the week's end. That is, as long as life allows it ;)

And here's a quick shout out to my sister, the beautiful and blushing bride, and her husband (I just love calling him that)! They are on their way to a well deserved honeymoon in Europe. Safe travels you two, and a huge congrats for a beautiful start to a fabulous life together ;)

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