Thursday, June 28, 2012

The sweet things little ones say...

I've been uncertain, and maybe a bit anxious, about how little r would handle Rani being gone. This isn't exactly something we rehearsed. Saying goodbye to our girl was not in the realm of the expected. More than anything, little r just seems rather confused about why his best pal isn't here, and why she isn't walking him to school anymore. Sometimes he'll come home and run around the house calling for her. The first night he went to bed holding the picture frame with her picture, and then didn't sleep much at all through the night. And yesterday we took a hike together, and he talked about her the entire time until he fell asleep...

The sweet things he says as his creative imagination tries to figure out where she could be, would seriously bring tears to your eyes. This morning though, I think he is finally starting to figure out how he can cope with his loss.

Here is the conversation we had as we left for school this morning - something we nearly always did with our puppy:

little r: "Where's Rani, Mommy?"

me: "Rani isn't here anymore, sweetie."

little r, as he placed his hand on his chest: "Yes she is, Mommy. Rani is in my heart."

This time I didn't cry. My heart melted and I smiled. I think we are going to be just fine.


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