Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sock fuzz

This post is not for the weak at heart... sock fuzz has taken over our bathtub and it is the scariest thing EVER. It will bite you, sting you, burn you, you?  My little man has entered what professionals would call the "irrational fear stage".  Out of nowhere, he is now terrified of things that a mere moments before he could care less about.  Loud noises, blowing leaves, shadows, and of course, the dreaded sock fuzz... 

Bath time is usually a favorite for little r. He's had moments in his short life where he hasn't been fond of taking a bath, but for the most part,  it has clearly been one of his most cherished times of the day.  That is, until now... sock fuzz appears harmless until you add water.  It's like a Gremlin in that way, it comes alive and becomes the most scary bug YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!  This is no joke either, or at least that's what little r believes.  This past weekend we had our first encounter with the swimming, toddler eating bugs. I did all I could think of to show him the sock fuzz was harmless, I even scooped all the fuzz I could find out of the bath, but that was no where near good enough to placate little r.  He was petrified, to put it mildly.  

I was too worried that if I allowed him to embellish this fear, that he would never take a bath again.  The kid is seriously hardheaded and he forgets NOTHING.  After he clawed his way out of the tub, and I started draining the water, I asked him if he would take a bath if mommy got in, too.  Apparently this is ok. It was so "ok" in fact that he went along as if the frightening sock fuzz never existed as I climbed my big 'ol butt into the tub with him.  

Thinking we had somehow made progress, I attempted bathtime again the following night.  He was kicking and screaming and hollering about how the "bugs hurt" and he insisted that I get in the bath with him again. He hands down refused to even put his toe in the water even after I got in.  He was performing circus acts with his body sliding around the tub just to avoid thinking he was making direct contact with the water.  Once I found my way into the bathtub, he refused to leave my lap.  Needless to say, we took a break from bathtime last night...

This irrational fear is an interesting phase.  I'm comforted only by knowing that it's thought to be caused by an overactive imagination and professionals claim it means your child is intelligent.  Isn't it amazing what smarts will do to you?  I have no idea how long this phase will last.  It breaks my heart to see him so scared.  The nightmares are gut wrenching, and the fear in his eyes is so pure.  I have been reading about all the "right" ways to respond to your toddler's irrational fear of things because the last thing I want to do is make it worse or discourage his imagination.  Let's just hope he comes out of this a strong and brave man, shall we?

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  1. Hahahahaha! Sock fuzz! Those little buggers are SCARY!!!