Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Off to school

Little r couldn't wait to go to school today. He was so excited. My plan was to stick around for a bit, then take off for a couple hours to see how he would do. I wasn't there five minutes and he said, "bye, bye, mommy!". His teacher smiled. She thought it was so cute (and it really was).

I met the mother of the other American boy. All the Americans around here are military, so there's always an instant connection and familiarity that makes you feel like you have know each other for awhile. She said she was so thankful little r started kindergarten there. For the past six months her son has cried and begged not to go to school. This morning was the first time her son couldn't wait to go because he wanted to play with little r. It warms my heart to know that this is benefiting someone else, too, and also to know that my little man will have a buddy to play with every day.

I will say that little r wasn't THAT excited to get rid if me. When he saw me trying to leave, he wasn't too happy about letting me go. He did give me a sweet kiss goodbye and I'm certain his cries ended quickly after I left.

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