Sunday, December 11, 2011

Terrible Twos

I'm not going to lie, this has been a rough week.  My child was taken away from me and replaced with a screaming, defiant, terror of a little boy.  Not sure exactly what happened, but the Terrible Twos hit my little r with a vengeance this week.  The potty training got put on hold (don't even lecture me about it, we'll get back to it soon), my little man decided this week that he was scared of the dark, and sleep is something everyone in this house is lacking so we're moving around like a bunch of zombies.  Not fun.  Let's just say it's a good thing little r is cute because that's going a long way between screams and tantrums.

I have what most people would refer to as a Type A personality.  That's probably putting it lightly, too. I have a tendency to overanalyze things and this week of terror is hardly the exception.  The potty training needed to "pause" because after amazing progress, my son decided his pee was scary.  He refused to pee and instead would hold it for hours and run and scream in pain.  I'm not even kidding.  The boy would sit on the toilet proud as a prince, and as soon as a dribble would form at the end of his boy-ly parts, he'd jump off the toilet and start screaming at the top of his lungs.  The last thing I wanted was for little r to get a bladder infection, so I eased off hoping we could somehow discover a way for him to get over being afraid of peeing.

As the week of fear and terror continues he also started having nightmares, which in turn has resulted in a new found fear of the dark.  So my maniacal two year old is sleep deprived, and his overtired state has translated into throwing his toys, tormenting the dog, screaming, yelling, refusing to listen, throwing tantrum after tantrum... it's been a learning experience for sure, and Big R and I have done some of our Type A personality analyses together to come up with more effective ways to go about bringing peace into this house again.

Despite breaking down into tears on multiple occasions and losing about half of my hair, we did manage to have a lot of fun this week.  This weekend was the Christmas dinner or Weihnachtessen with all of the TDS attorneys throughout Germany, and it was a very lovely evening.  We decided early on that although little r was invited, this was going to be an outing we would do sans screaming toddler.  The babysitter recommended by our lovely German neighbors took care of our crazy bear, and she did an upstanding job (we are having her come back for more fun next week).  So, we got dressed up like adults and headed to the Residenz Wurzburg and it was fabulous.

Saturday we spent the evening with friends at a the Fassla Keller brewery in Bamberg.  You would have never known that my child was possessed by the terrible twos demon.  He was amazing all night.  The server brought his apple juice in a mini beer glass and it made him a happy little man :)
 Other pretty darn cool developments this week are that Big R and I got our Christmas gadgets.  Let me just put this out there, we are downright awful about Christmas gifts to each other and almost always get some big gift and have it in our hands long before Christmas day.  I know, I know, blows the whole surprise thing, but hey, we each do it our own way, and this is just how the cards fall around here.  I now have a cell phone that works.  Not only does it work, but Big R purchased a fancy new iPhone 4S for me, and I am in HEAVEN.  What a cool gadget.  Big R asked for a fancy camera for Christmas.  My hubby has an eye for pictures.  You might call me biased, but you can't deny that he takes some really great photos.  Now he has the machine to up the ante and take some rockin outrageously awesome photos.  In an attempt to tame the wild bear this weekend, we took him our for a walk with the puppy and Big R had a dry run with his new toy.  Here are a few photos from our afternoon.  Enjoy :)

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