Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday stroll

Germany is being kind and giving us a few more days of summer before the chill sets in for the fall season. This weekend has been unbelievably beautiful here. We took full advantage of the sunny morning and went for a Sunday morning stroll.

Big R was brave and thought the crazy bear would actually stay put in his backpack. Ha! Somehow I have been blessed with a son that could run to the moon and back and be ready for more. We talked little bear into waiting until we hit the trails before he climbed out and even that was a struggle.

We have this decent hike we like to do when the weather and time allows. Takes us up through a neighboring town and across farm fields where we share trails with horseback riders, cows, deer and even the occasional carriage...

We made it home just before the puppy melted into a puddle and the little bear had properly disturbed the peace on a quiet Sunday morning.

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