Thursday, September 22, 2011

And the baby boy turns 2

We had a very low-key birthday celebration for little r this year.  A far cry from our insanely awesome backyard bonanza we had last year.  Guess you could say we're in a slightly different place now, and still learning the ropes, meeting new friends, and settling into our life in Germany.  Little r being only 2, he is not quite aware of what a birthday is just yet, but that's not from our lack of trying to push for his excitement.  We called him birthday boy all day long, and made sure the neighbors knew it was his big day.

The gifts were also super chill this time around.  I've heard from several people that packages are coming, and little r is going to be so excited to see all the amazing things everyone got for the birthday boy.  Big R and I kept it small.  In addition to the fun jeep and horse trailer we let him have early, we got him a new "big boy" bike.  Big R put it together after little r went to bed the night before, and we had the bike waiting for him in the living room so he'd see it when he woke up. I'm not sure I've ever seen his eyes get so wide before.  He looked at me and said, "bike, mommy," with a huge smile searching in my face for an indication that this very cool bike was in fact his.  All it took was a little affirmation, and he had a smile from ear to ear!
He still has a little room to grow into it before he'll be able to ride it comfortably, but he has never let his size get in the way and he stuck to it all day long.  I'm amazed at how quickly he's figuring it out.
I mean, how much fun is this?!  When we saw little German kids riding these tiny bikes around town, we knew right away that we had to get one for little r.  Although there are no pedals, it takes more balance than I expected.  We're hoping this will make the transition to a big boy bike just that much easier.  Our favorite part - the wheels are soooo quiet :)

After a fun morning with his new bike, we packed into the car and headed over the clinic for little r's 2 year well-baby appointment.  Biggest waste of time ever.  Made me really miss the fantastic pediatrican that little r had in Richmond.  Oh well... Suppose we are lucky that little r is healthy and showing no signs of developmental issues making the health care a moot point.  All that aside, we did manage to get his weight and his height (honestly, though, that's about all we got).  Our little man weighs 24.8 pounds and is 34" tall. Haha, he's a peanut!  Guess he takes after his parents.  The "rule" I've heard is that you double the height at 2 years old to determine how tall your child will be when he's an adult.  Looks like little r will stand as tall as Daddy :)  Of course, following that rule, and I would have been a couple inches shorter, so maybe little r has hope yet!

The afternoon was quiet as little r slept away most of the day.  He woke just in time to have dinner with Daddy and enjoy a mini birthday celebration!  It never occurred to me that we had no matches or lighters in the house, something the movers obviously don't allow to be packed into boxes and shipped overseas, and we're not smokers... With a bout of luck, I found a book of matches stashed in a hiding place and we were able to light little r's candle on his chocolate cupcake.
Make a wish, little man!  I hope they all come true!

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