Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hi Doctor!

With a small amount of prompting from little r's kindergarten teacher, I decided it might not be a bad idea to take him to see a doctor. I'm not going to lie, I dread the whole going to the doctor deal. It has very little to do with the doctors themselves and more to do with navigating the painful military process. I grew up watching my mom suffer through it and now I have the joys of trying to work with the system.

It needed to be done though, if for nothing else, to give little r's teachers some peace of mind and hopefully get something to help him move through this illness more comfortably. I'll spare you the details of the arcane military process because it'll just get me angry. Instead I'll share the better parts...

Big R had an off-post meeting and I couldn't get a doctor appointment until late afternoon, so little r and I got to take a mini bus adventure together. It was, of course, raining because that happens to always be our luck. But Mommy got smart this time and had a rain guard ready!

I bought it after our last nightmare rain excursion, and I was happy to see it fit and worked really well.

The bus ride was actually kind of fun. It had been awhile, so little r loved the trip.

He was also super well-behaved at the doctor's office. A nice strong nap is enough to put even the youngest ones in a stellar mood even if they are sick as a dog.

He cooperated super well with everything the nurse needed from him. And when the doctor came in he said, "HIIIII, Doctor!" I think his doc was somewhat taken aback by his greeting. But then again, how could you not smile at this kid?

He has an ear infection, which we predicted, and a nasty cough. She sent him away with antibiotics that probably won't get used (I could write an entire post about how I disagree with the unfettered use of antibiotics, but I'll spare you), and some pain meds since the px and commissary somehow don't carry tylenol or ibuprofen for kids. He was also prescribed antibiotic goop to help his eyes. I was shocked when he let me put that nasty goo in his eyes before bed. Big R said little r would let me do it if he knew it would make his eyes feel better, and he was so right.

Holy cow - he was like a new kid this morning. A little bit of eye goop and ibuprofen and the kid's like new - go figure! So, we were back to our regularly scheduled program today as little r went to school and I got back to the gym. Big R is a day behind us so the poor guy is still suffering, but hopefully there will be an end in sight soon...

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