Monday, March 5, 2012

Ah poop...

Being sick is the pits. We are, for the most part, in recovery mode. Well, until today... Poor little r has had a rough go. Seems as if it's not a bad cold or his ears, it's his tummy or his teeth...

Last week his body was fighting that nasty virus and he was a pooping mess. Three days in a row the kindergarten had to change his clothes! Today the poor kid couldn't poop to save his life. Constipation is no joke in a toddler.

When I picked him up from school they said he cried and screamed all morning. Since we've been home it's been one big cuddle fest interrupted by fits of screams.

This is what little r and I think about being sick:

I'm happy to report that things are finally on their way out. Smiles are replacing those terrible cries - finally! But I'm taking full advantage of all this cuddle time :)

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