Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Splish splash!

Your eyes are not deceiving you and this isn't some sort of trick photography. Little r is actually in the bathtub by himself. I'd love to say we have successfully conquered the undying fear of the sock fuzz bugs, but instead let's just say we're getting there and have temporarily found a bandaid.

Big R came up with a brilliant idea when he realized it was little r's feet that couldn't touch the ground of the tub or shower. Hey, we aren't allowed to question or tease these toddler fears. They truly are irrational but they are also very real to the little ones. When little r is faced with the "bugs" he screams like no other.

Big R took this realization and tried seeing if little r would stand or sit in the shower if he laid a wash cloth down first. Über brilliance. Don't you love how the most simple things are pure brilliance when it comes to discovering something that can add some ease to your life?

We tried it a few nights in a row until little r was finally ok with standing in the bathtub by himself. It has been killing me that one of his favorite times of the day became jaded so easily. I just keep telling Big R that we're lucky the fear has nothing to do with water. At least we have been able to bathe the kid.

Here's to a little forward progress :)

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  1. I would try just leaving his socks on his feet too. Make sure they aren't fuzzy ones that shed though! Good job, keep it up! He is precious!