Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pajama Banana Bread

This whole 12-week challenge has my head reeling. In just over two weeks, I'll be completed with my work-out madness and can resume life back to normal. Whether I get the results I was hoping for or not, it would be wrong to say that the challenge didn't change me in several ways.

Probably the most important change is that I'm much more aware of what I'm eating. It seems this challenge both directly and indirectly taught me about food. Although I gave up calorie counting a little bit ago, I did count my calories and log my food long enough to see the importance of good calories and to understand the critical make-up of food.

It's important for me to feed my family healthy and well-balanced meals. I want little r to grow up making good choices for snacks and not desiring junk food. I realize now that the key to not binging on bad choices and junk is to allow yourself to have things you crave. Turns out the internet is a ridiculously good source of how to make low-fat and healthy meals. (Pinterest is by far my favorite source.)

Yesterday I stumbled across a blog that is definitely going to become one of my favorites very quickly. It's a blogger that specializes in healthy desserts. Not only that, but she is vegan so all of her recipes are simple and contain no dairy. I had a batch of bananas that had gone bad (I'm having the worst luck with bananas here), and I was in the mood to bake something delicious when I found this recipe.

This recipe is absolutely DEVINE! Even though I baked it for an hour and a half, the bread was still gooey, but it became more solid as it cooled, which ultimately resulted in a moist and delicious treat. I used blackberries as the additional fruit, and did a mix of gluten free flour and soy flour, and of course, I used her maple syrup alternative. Turns out cooking vegan can be a healthy and yummy choice!

These muffins were exactly what I was craving and the family loves them :)

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