Monday, November 12, 2012

You are wondrous

dear little r,

life has been slightly less hectic these days. i think the whole family, especially you, needed a break from our constant travels to relax your spirit a wee bit. four straight weeks at home now and you are really enjoying your routine and settling back into being that sweet little boy we know and love.

just some of the things you are up to lately. you are really into kisses. kisses and lots of hugs. you'll wrap your arms around my neck and plant a big smooch on my cheek, and then say, "that was a BIIIIG kiss, mommy." one of the most awesome things you like to say is "i lub you." it truly melts our hearts when we hear you say it. you seem to love just about everything. you also have a lot of "favorites" and you are always talking about them. favorite toys, favorite blankets, favorite books, and especially favorite cars.

one of your absolute favorite things though is your new bed. the one that daddy bought for you a couple weeks ago. it's a loft bed with a huge tent over the top covered in stars. we created a cozy cave to read under the bed. your daddy also set up your toy train track under the loft, and you play there with those trains for hours. your most crazy game at the moment is to empty all of your toy bins into the middle of the floor in your room. you claim your are building a castle, and you get very angry if i try to clean it up before you are done playing. but i do make you clean it up before we move on to other things. you aren't very good at doing it yourself, but you can be a very good helper. but then again, you'll make a castle out of just about anything.

building one of your castles
potty training is in the works. you are mostly in pull ups or underwear during the day. that means very little though except that we are taking things at your own pace, which is very slow... i know you will get there some day, but i've learned that pushing you often causes setbacks. after several failed attempts, i feel like we are finally heading in the right direction, so i'm willing to take it as slow as you need to in order to get it done.

you are an early riser again. daylight savings got us off-kilter and you still haven't found your way back. it's better this time around though because you wake up in the best mood. we usually start the day with a snuggle in mommy and daddy's bed, and then you are ready for cereal. most of the time you want to eat your cereal in peace. i think this is the only time of the day that you enjoy being completely by yourself. you usually tell me to leave. naps are a thing of the past. we learned that making you take a nap only results in a struggle at bedtime. instead, we are lucky now if you make it to 6:30 p.m. before falling asleep, which is a big change for us. the schedule keeps you happy though, so we'll keep it up as long as you like it.

you are super excited about having a baby brother. you were so patient with me during the first trimester when i was really tired and felt sick all the time. when i told you i didn't feel good, you would answer with, "that's because there's a lot of baby in there." ah, so wise at such a young age. you are constantly reminding me that my belly is going to get really big and then your baby brother is going to pop out. and when i take my prenatal vitamins you tell me, "that's ok, mommy, it's making the baby feel better, so you don't have to worry."

your dad and i are not the only ones that miss having a dog around. we are dog sitting this weekend and you are on cloud 9. you immediately grew attached, and kept telling me that "rani is in your heart." i think you really miss her. i'm hoping we are going to bring lando home soon because we all could use a little more dog love around here.

taking Maggie for a walk
playing with Maggie in the field

hanging out with dogs in your room just makes playtime more fun

kindergarten is a great place for you to grow and learn. you used to cry and hold onto me tight when i would drop you off in the morning, but now you are so excited to see your friends that you reach up right away, give me a kiss, and run into class. kindergarten is also teaching you and us all kinds of things about German culture. you understand a lot more German than you speak, and somehow it's giving your English a British accent that makes us crack up. this weekend you got to walk in the st. markus parade where all the kinder carry a lantern with a candle and sing traditional songs. you kept telling us you knew the songs, but you didn't feel like singing along that night. a couple weeks ago i went to the kindergarten with the other parents and made your lantern. i picked a horse lantern thinking you would really like that.

and finally... you climb like a monkey and you never stop moving. you are learning how to swim without your swimmies. even though i haven't been able to find swim lessons for you, you are doing a great job learning from me, and i'm so proud of you. you also love to read. you do it in your own sweet little way. you have all the pictures memorized and you'll tell me the stories as you turn the pages. you really like the books that have doors you can open. you find the tv fascinating (and i probably let you watch more than i should). curious george is by far your favorite, but some of the oldies still come out once in awhile. you pay attention to everything that we do, so you know how everything works and usually operate all the technology by yourself. you love helping me cook, most especially if i'm making cake or cookies. you notice everything in your surroundings and you know how to get places. you are constantly giving us directions in the car. we are blown away that most of the time you are right.

some of the many things we hear you say all the time are...

i remember that, mommy, i went there last weekend

good job, mommy. you did good!

i wanna watch george

mmm, that's good!

i want a sandwich for lunch with p-butter and lots of honey

i a good boy. can i have chocolate?

i sorry, mommy, i didn't mean it

wanna play in my room with me, mommy?

i'll do it tomorrow

you are truly growing into the sweetest little boy. you keep me on my toes, and i am definitely ready for bed when you are. i can't imagine our lives without you, and i'm so excited to continue watching you grow.




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