Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet additions...

Our sweet little family of three is expecting a new addition this spring! We couldn't be more excited and I've been dying to tell all of you! Today I am officially 14 weeks, which means I've cleared the first trimester and hopefully all that precedes its wake.

Many of you probably noticed some things haven't quite seemed the same with me lately. My blogging dropped off like crazy, I'm constantly talking about being scatterbrained, and you haven't heard me mention or seen me in a photo with wine in quite awhile. I went to Provence, one of the wine havens of the world, and didn't have even a sip of wine. Oh, the horror. And those of you pour souls at reunion that were wondering why I was drinking copious amounts of water at the wine and cheese, or why I looked pale and green with massive circles under my eyes, can now understand that it wasn't jetlag or my sweet toddler causing me angst.

Being pregnant is no cup of tea. We all want to love it, and sure, there are parts of it that are fantastic, but much to our dismay, it takes a heavenly toll on our bodies. The nausea, food aversions and cravings, and the relentless fatigue makes the first trimester force you to question your sanity. This is especially fun with an active toddler that no longer naps. I also enjoyed the additional benefit of not being able to look at a computer screen or my iPhone without puking, so my blog was badly neglected for the past few months.

The second trimester will be welcomed with opened arms in this house. I'm already feeling more energetic and my ability to use the computer has returned - thank goodness!

Oh the stories I could share with you! For now though I'm just going to enjoy announcing our happy news to all you wonderful family and friends. The baby is due in early May, and my belly is already happily expanding. The ultrasound revealed the strong possibility of another little boy, and I'm so excited! These boys just can't wait to show their junk, can they?

I'm looking forward to sharing all the stories - the good, the hilarious, the unfortunate, and the surly. Love you all!

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