Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween and big boy beds

What have you been up to this weekend? We have enjoyed life at home. I think we are finally recovering from our whirlwind of summer travels and hospital stays. So we decided it was time to throw a Halloween bash at our place. Having friends over for any reason is one if our favorite things to do, and yet we haven't done that much since we've lived here in Germany. We finally have a good solid crew of friends here locally and we were all itching for a reason to get excited about Halloween.

I'm typically not terribly good on the creative front. I like to leave those tasks to the hubby who seems to have been born with a gene I am clearly missing. This time around I wanted to try to be imaginative - do some fun baking and decorations, but not go too overboard. I had so much fun using pinterest for ideas and healthy baking recipes. I spent literally the entire day baking and cooking, and it was great!

Part of our spread...
Including witches fingers...
And deviled eye balls - ha!
With the party on the horizon and the realization that our poor planning meant nothing from the States would be shipped here on time, we found ourselves exploring a local costume and party store. Halloween is not quite a holiday here, but it's catching on. The store didn't exactly have what we were looking for. Good thing I brought my very talented husband along to come up with costume ideas. This is what Big R came up with...

Meet Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI
Hard to take ourselves serious
So, for Halloween we were French royalty and little r was a dragon. A pretty darn cute one but he didn't keep his costume on long enough even for a picture. We'll be trick or treating this week so I'll give it another try. The gathering was pretty chill. Hopefully everyone had as much fun as we did.

Pumpkin carving is always fun with the kiddos
King Louis giving his dragon some assistance with his pumpkin carving
I escaped from my costume and enjoyed time with the ladies

The party was only the first half of our weekend though. While I was having fun in the kitchen, Big R took a trip to Ikea to purchase a big boy bed for little r. A new bed for the little man has been in the works now for quite awhile. The one we had our sights on at a local store here, though, was no longer available, so we had to start over with our ideas. Per usual, Ikea came to the rescue. (I am now convinced that nearly all the furniture in our apartment is from the Swedish mega store, which means we also have a vast collection of Allen wrenches!)

Big R had a successful shopping journey and came home with all sorts of fun for little r. We still have some more things we'd like to do to make his room more grown up - like fun decals for the walls and a new rug - but I'd say we've got a great start!

How much fun is this bed!?
And he has a new storage shelf for his toys - finally everything fits!
Cozy bed full of animals and snugly blankets - I think I might start sleeping here, too!
Big R even created a fun train track under the bed.

Big R couldn't wait to get the bed put together, so that was done yesterday before our friends showed up for the party. The rest of the room was out together before we were even out of our pjs. Leaving the rest of the day to enjoy.

We finally saw some sun after over a week of gloomy weather and it snowed all day the day before, so the air was crisp. After finishing up some other chores, we bundled up for a family walk and then snuggled in our warm home and ate cookies.

Not a bad weekend at all. How was yours?



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