Sunday, March 11, 2012

Date night with my love

I am a firm believer that date nights are a necessity for any marriage, but especially when you have kids. We had every intention of having a date night each week if we could, but
I guess things got busy. Life will do that to you sometimes, I suppose.

Last night we finally had a date - just the two of us - and it was so nice to have this time alone with Big R. Our family has been trying hard to get back to good health the past few weeks, and even though we are far from 100% yet, we are at least feeling human again. We knew a date night was exactly what we needed :)

Of course little r cried and screamed when we left. He's good at making us feel horribly guilty for not carting him along. One day he will understand...

I had made reservations in Bamberg at a popular tapas joint called, Bolero. It was the first of what we hope to be many lovely evenings out together in our incredible town.

The ambiance was fabulous and left a romantic feeling in the air. We purposely parked our car on the other side of Altstadt, or old town, so that we could enjoy a romantic walk together through Bamberg.

Although the menu had much to offer, we stuck to the tapas. The food was good, not the best tapas we've had, but the atmosphere and great service more than made the experience perfect.

Have you gone on a date night recently? If not, I highly recommend it :).

Cheers - xoxoxo

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