Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Floor it!

Ahhhhhh, here we are in beautiful Garmisch. I haven't had a chance to see much of it yet. In fact, at this very moment I'm sitting on the floor of my dark hotel room thankful that my iPhone is working for a change while little r gets some much needed zzzzz's. The weather is wet and cold and the mountains are fogged in, so I won't complain too much about my current predicament. Hey, I'm at Edelweiss and literally started to relax the minute I walked through the door.

I think one of the most exciting things about being here is that I drove here - no GPS, no map, and no getting lost. It's a freaking miracle! The autobahn is insanity. Just putting that out there. Have any of you driven 100 mph before?! Holy crap! It's AWESOME! There's no autopilot or cruise control in Germany. You gotta watch where you're going and get out of the way or floor it. It sounds even faster in kilometers at 160 - woo freaking hoo! I really never thought I'd like the fast driving but it ain't so bad when it's legal.

The autobahn is fast but it's also temperamental. It's not uncommon to be flooring it at 160 kph and then slam on your brakes for a 120 kph speed zone. Man, 80 mph feels reeeeeallly slow… it was also raining today and tons of construction, so we had to bring down the speed for a majority of the trip.

The section we drove through Munich was madness. You take this winding road through downtown to link up with another autobahn. Big R had warned me in advance to be careful. I spent a good hour last night studying the map and watched signs like a hawk. It felt like driving through downtown NYC only the drivers would actually let you in and the signage is helpful.

I digress…for those of you wondering how it is I have this amazing life, we are on the same page. There is actually a military base, a very tiny one in Garmisch, Germany, and they built a swanky hotel here for the Soldiers and their families to relax, enjoy, conference, and retreat. We will be doing a little of each. The crazy little bear just woke up and I better go before he breaks the hotel room phone!

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