Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall is in the air...

That time has finally come. The crispness in the air, the chilly mornings, the jackets and sweaters, the hot drinks and infinite snuggle time, fall is here.  It's time for pumpkins and hearty soups.  I've always enjoyed this time of year, especially when the places I've lived have had summers that feel as though they'd never end.  Fall has never been as sweet as it was when I lived in New England though, and it feels very similar here.  I love that feeling of coming inside on a chilly day after a long walk with the dog or afternoon outing to a warm home.  We don't have a wood stove or fireplace, which we'd probably prefer, but we do have a home that stays nice and toasty (and the cost of heating is at a fixed rate, so we don't have to be paranoid to keep it warm).

With this great time of year also comes a few adjustments.  Bike rides are less frequent, the laundry can no longer hang outside to dry, and the dark night comes so much earlier.  It also means that mornings are cold and dark giving us the desire to snuggle in bed longer and ignore those alarm clocks.  (I'm four for four this week on missing out on mommy-time and staying snuggled up in bed!)  Luckily today we have beautiful sunshine but this week has been somewhat gloomy with overcast skies making us want to keep warm indoors. Little r came down with his first cold of the season, so we are keeping life low-key (well, as low-key as a toddler will allow) and hoping he kicks it without the need for western medicine intervention (although a visit to the Army clinic would undoubtedly provide fodder for a blog posting).

We've been told it can snow in October here, making it seem more and more like Vermont.  It's no wonder we feel so much at home here in Germany.  Big R is getting in as many commuter days on his bike as he can, and I'm hoping to fight the urge to stay in bed and start getting in that early morning mommy-time that I know I desperately need to keep my inner balance.

Our next several trips will probably be close to home.  We are looking forward to exploring the holiday season here in Germany.  Since the Germans don't celebrate Thanksgiving (obviously), they start the decorating early, and I can't wait to see these beautiful German towns all dressed up for the Christmas season.  It's going to be different for us this year not spending the holidays with family, but hopefully the beauty of this area will make the distance easier and the memories grand.

Happy fall everyone!      

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