Sunday, July 3, 2011

A little Sunday morning cleaning

One thing I'll need to get accustomed to moving to Germany is that Sunday is a day of rest.  I have a tendency to use the early morning hours on a Sunday to get all my cleaning done. My little r is a pro at getting us up early, and Saturdays require quite a bit more easing into the day.  This fine Sunday morning was no exception, but I had some help from a sweet little bear so it put pep in my step and motivated me to really clean.    

Today we did some vacuuming.  I miss my puppy dearly, but one thing that I haven't missed is copious amounts of dog hair.  Instead, I have a new challenge, and that is having a toddler with no dog to clean up after him.  So, we tackled the floor this morning.  Little r did a fantastic job with the vacuum:

Then we took on the kitchen with a vengeance. Even pulled out the refrigerator and stove.  "Eew, eew, eew..." as little bear would say.  I found a nearly empty bottle of "Simple Green" so I cleaned it out well, and filled it with a bit of water so little r could 'help' mommy clean.  Never seen a kid so happy to help before. Just look at this diligence:

Guess it's a little too obvious that this kid's mommy is a neat freak and spends a too much time cleaning.  Promise me you won't hold it against him.  I'm just hoping his desire to clean is not a phase.  And no, I swear this isn't some sort of child labor. This kid loves to help me clean!

After we finished up our cleaning activities and little r had managed to completely soak every inch of the floor and drench the cat with his spray bottle, we headed out for a lovely morning walk.  What a beautiful Sunday!

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