Sunday, June 26, 2011

And the adventure begins...

Big R's adventures in Germany have officially begun.  Not only is he sending me pictures of incredible German food, but he is also making sure to send me pictures of his surroundings.

The picture above was taken on his first bike ride in Bavaria. The bike ride that started as a leisurely attempt at exploration and ended as an adventure he hadn't anticipated.  The language barrier might be slightly intimidating, but Big R refuses to let that slow him down and keep him from discovering this beautiful place.  Slightly frustrated with having only his legs to get him around, and not quite certain about public transit (although I think that will be quick to change), he hopped a ride downtown to pick up some new wheels.  A brief shopping trip later, and he was the happy owner of a shiny new commuter bike (still awaiting a picture of this fancy ride), helmet, and bike lock.  Figuring it was a good investment, Big R decided that it was worth spending a little cash to get something dependable... well, mostly dependable.

Big R hit the pavement on his new wheels to discover towns nearby. His destination was a small town just outside of Bamberg where we had seen several real estate listings.

The description of the town sounded quaint and perfect, and according to Big R, the descriptions hardly did it justice.  A perfect little Bavarian town - who could ask for more?!

When he decided to make his way back to town, his luck turned... yes, it turned right into a FLAT TIRE! Not even kidding you.  Big R and I have been riding bikes together for years, and we have never had a flat tire, not once.  He's more than 3 miles from home at this point, so he leaves his bike downtown at a friend's place (yes, he already has friends, are we surprised?), and starts the trek home only to be greeted with a massive downpour.  Ah, the joys of adventure, right?  Amazingly, his spirits were high.  I suppose that's what happens when life throws you a few curve balls in such a beautiful place - you just roll with it.

When the rain cleared up, he took another picture for me so that I could truly appreciate the beauty in what will be our new home:

It is absolutely unreal to me that we are going to live in such a beautiful place.  It feels like a dream. Someone pinch me please!

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