Friday, December 30, 2011


Today marked the third day this week that we went as a family to Bambados (indoor pool and water park). There isn't a whole lot else going on this time of year for little ones and my crazy bear needs some way to expend his wild energy. Our usual family walks are becoming far and few between these days, too, because little r just doesn't last long in the colder weather we're having. So Bambados it is, and let me just say, it's hardly settling. If you go first thing in the day, you can miss the crowds and we all know early works well for little r :) We made a fantastic discovery today: swimmies! You know those inflatable arm wings that kids wear?! I am no doubt way behind the curve on this one as I'm sure most mothers have discovered this secret. Little r is a fish in the water. Problem is, he doesn't swim just yet but he never got the memo. Instead, he flailing and kicking about making it near impossible to hold onto him. Of course the baby pool, as freaking awesome as they are over here in Germany, is no longer fun. My little man wants to be in the big pool all the time. Enter swimmies. So way cool. I was a little unsure if he would let us put them on. Turns out he'd been paying attention to all the other kids with them on and couldn't wait to have his own pair. These simple little arm supports opened his world. He loves being independent and Big R and I enjoy the break. I have fewer anxiety attacks and little r is having so much more fun. Not only did little r swim in the pool all morning practically on his own, but he also went down the huge water slide no less than a dozen times. Now this is no simple water slide. It's one of those water slides you see in water parks that twist and turn and take you through tunnels. He even went in the really fast slide in the intertube with us. The kid has little fear these days when it comes to water. Guess its time to find the boy some lessons :) Sorry we don't have any pictures to share because he sure is cute when he swims. We have our hands a bit full. Hopefully we'll figure out a way to water proof a camera soon - so stayed tuned! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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