Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas cheer and choo choo trains

Christmas was quiet and intimate for our family this year.  No big family gatherings or party traditions. We instead had our first Christmas at home as our own little family and started what we hope will be new traditions.   It was a cold and blistery day, so we decided to stay inside and bake goodies and a yummy Christmas Eve dinner.

Despite there being only three of us in this house, we had no shortage of food.  Being his first Christmas away from his family ever, Big R had a list of items that were a must. Even little r got to pitch in and do his first holiday baking.

With the butter cake baking and the cookies mostly in our tummies already, we started making the traditional Swedish meatballs, ham, and other yummy treats.  
We used enough butter to make Paula Dean proud.
I should never be trusted cooking these things. Luckily there were a few left over for dinner.
Being far away was made easier by using Skype to video chat with our families.  We devoured our dinner...well, kind of, considering we'd been eating all day and had eaten most of the dinner before we sat down - oops!  And once little r was tucked into bed and Santa visited our house, I crashed while Big R stayed up late to call his family during their traditional Christmas Eve gathering.  
Little r didn't disappoint and had us up bright and early.  It was ok though because he was in the best mood. Seems to take the edge off the early rise when you have a sweet little boy to wake up to.  He had no idea how exciting today was going to be.  We weren't sure what he'd be like with his presents.  I always thought he would dive into all the presents and go crazy, but he was actually completely opposite.  He'd be so excited by one gift, that he'd probably play with it for hours if we let him.  The last thing he was interested in was opening more presents. It was super cute.  Somehow we managed to get through his mound of presents.  He is a spoiled little man - Santa (and all the grandparents) were very good to him.  Our little man loved all of his gifts (except the clothes, little kids never like those but Mommy does!), but I think his absolute favorites were his new Thomas the Train toys that he got from Santa (Daddy couldn't hold back).  The kid seriously loves trains - and cars, too, of course, but trains are his most recent obsession - actually, he likes most things that have wheels and can "crash" (don't ask...).

Here are some fun pictures of the shenanigans from our Christmas morning.   

Shiny train, Mommy!

So many cars - how can I hold them all at the same time?

Got to get them all lined up perfectly...

Choo-choo.  Notice the unopened present in the background.  

Oh, another present for me?!

I think the kid is a fan of Christmas, what do you think?

Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope your holiday has been warm, loving, yummy, and most of all fun.  We love you and wish you a very happy and safe holiday!

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