Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sandkerwa Beer Festival

One of the many things that makes Germany so amazing are its beer festivals. Sandkerwa is Bamberg's annual festival where all the regional brewers set up tents and sell beers, brats, and even a little wine. It's freaking awesome.

Did I mention the beer?!

We had a blast! Even little r had fun eating brats and doing a boogie to an Elvis song (haha, yeah, that was pretty comical). We also found out our son has a serious arm on him as he proudly said "cheers" with his sippy cup and my glass full of a fantabulous hefeweisen broke into a dozen pieces - no joke! The vendor next to us made a motion with his hands like this happens all too often...well, probably not with a toddler's cup!

We're taking names for who wants to join us next year :) That is, as long as you can handle this goofy bunch.

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