Saturday, July 9, 2011

Settling can be a little unsettling

Big R is settling into our new home - well, about as much as he is able sans our household goods, a kitchen, light fixtures, and the internet.  That said, he is otherwise making himself at home.  We are now realizing how much we have learned to get accustomed to... no, depend on, technology.  We have been incredibly spoiled in our marriage by how much we've been able to communicate with each other especially with the amount of time we've had to spend apart.  The internet is an amazing tool, and mobile phones, well, saying that I had no idea when I was in college that every American above the age of 10 would be carrying a cell phone is an understatement.  So, yeah, we've been spoiled.  The whole cell phone gig is a little difficult to master across international lines, at least using the providers in the United States.  Our fingers are crossed that the internet finds its way to our new place, and does it fast!  It's amazing how much you can miss someone when you are used to be in constant contact with them.

I've found myself in an uncomfortable state of high anxiety today.  I'm not terribly certain of the source, but I think it might be my recent realization that my time here is short and my list is long.  After Big R left with the pup and the crazy tiger cat to Germany, I had an immense release of stress.  All of my focus shifted to helping Big R as much as I could, and I took a little hiatus from the madness I had been putting myself through on this end.  Suppose you could say, my mini-vaca is over and it's time for me to gear up.  Gear up for what exactly, is the question I keep asking myself.

My mind is going in so many directions that my thoughts cannot even form long enough to create my much-needed lists.  To calm my mind I decided that we needed to spend the afternoon at the pool.  My little bear is the perfect cure for an unstable mind especially when he has so much fun that the laughter is nonstop.

We went straight from the pool to spend a lovely evening with some close friends.  Now home and little r being tucked soundly into bed, I am trying to force myself to relax and to stop the incessant desire to pull all the crap from where it's carefully hidden and start organizing for the yard sale in 2 weeks.  Instead, I poured myself a glass of wine, and turned on a movie.  Time to relax! I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend as well.  And Big R, if you are out there, know that we miss you something fierce!        

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