Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Expecting the unexpected

While I've been busy preparing for the final move details on this end, Big R has been facing big challenges and adventures on his side as well. As unnerving as trying to settle in a foreign place can be, I have been amazed by how Big R has been handling it all. The bedroom has become Big R's little sanctuary for the time being, especially since the only piece of furniture in the house right now is the bed. Every day I am welcomed by a "good morning" email where Big R has taken a picture like this one of the view from our bedroom:

The housing search was probably the biggest hurdle. It was a stressful process, and it was such a relief when Big R found our place and got everything squared away. A huge weight lifted off of his shoulders and the release was so obviously apparent. Even when he's describing the adventures of his day, he sounds so optimistic and brings his humor with him along the way. Last week he called me to tell me that our hot little race car (the Saab turbo that is Big R's pride and joy) did not pass inspection, he actually laughed. Almost as if he would expect nothing less than for the most simple of things to create a challenge. The car is fine, but the tires are done. Oh such a simple fix you say? Well, not so much, especially since everyone on the economy takes cash only and the supplier on post didn't have the tires we needed. Big R took it in stride though and found a solution. I'd say he's getting good at this!

We also just found out that we barely squeaked by another major policy changed that would have effected so many things that we had planned for. Turns out the housing situation at our assignment took a turn this month and now housing is miraculously abundant. The policy changed just last week requiring all soldiers to live on-post. How we managed the timing on this one, I'll never know. I got this little nugget of information from the other JAG spouse I've recently befriended. She was almost caught in a bind. Army life requires you to be flexible, as she so well pointed out, but sometimes you have to be so flexible that you can fold like a pretzel. She and her husband had already secured housing, their daughter was enrolled in school, and utilities were transferred to this new house. Too bad, so sad. The new policy was in effect and they had to now live on post. After much begging and pleading, they were told that If they could bring in a signed lease the following business day, the housing office would approve it. It took a bout of pure luck, but it all fell together. The Army really knows how to keep you on your toes. Always seems as soon as you think you have everything figured out, they come at you from behind and blindside you with something unexpected. Lesson learned is follow the rules and do not get too far ahead of the curve because the Army is always changing things and you never know what to expect even if you've done the same process 10 times over.

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