Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My baby boy turns 1!

Let's put aside for just a second how late I am with this blog post and instead focus on how absolutely and adorably cute this little guy is...

We've had a few things going on this past week or so, I'm not going to lie, but I swear the biggest reason I haven't written this post until now is because I haven't wanted to accept that my baby c is already a year old.  On one hand the time has flown by, but on the other, the memories we've made together as a family in this past year have been incredible and more than we ever would have expected in a lifetime.

The timing of our little man's birthday was kind of rough.  We are right in the middle of a PCS, and the movers came and packed and loaded all of our household goods ON HIS BIRTHDAY.  Yes, nothing like saying "happy birthday" like "here you go, you get to sleep in a pack-n-play for the next two months!"  Yeah, I felt kind of bad about that.  Luckily, he is only one and therefore a bit oblivious to the fact that his birthday has any kind of significance whatsoever.

So, instead of birthday parties and cake smashes, we emptied our house and watched baby c's eyes grow wide at the endless possibilities of exploring a house first full of boxes and then completely emptied (did any of you move as a child and remember how absolutely cool it was to play around in your empty house? oh, to be a kid again...)

I couldn't stand it though, so after the truck pulled away with our things, I quickly mixed up a box of cake mix, German-style, of course, because that's the only way we roll around here.  I was watching little ones for a good friend next door, and we had our own little baby c celebration with cake.  It was a tad bit hectic with lots of yelling and far too much drama, but alas, my sweet little man got to watch his brother blow out his candle (HA!) and eat fist-fulls of cake (only his favorite thing EVER).

The picture is blurry, but it's the only one I got before little r blew out the candle - I love the look in baby c's face

"I am a jedi master, clearly I willed the fire out" - yes, that is, in fact, a light saber

CAKE! My favorite thing :) 

"I have no clue what's going on, but I could get used to this!"
So, the furniture was gone, and we were eating cake on a borrowed government table, and baby c is in a make-shift high chair, but after all was said and done, I think he went to bed pretty darn happy.  Don't worry, baby c, we'll make sure that your birthday celebration is over-the-top next year - PROMISE!

We love you, little man.  Happy birthday!

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