Thursday, October 17, 2013

My 4 year old has a girlfriend

It's true. I'm hardly kidding.  You know, I really thought I'd have a little more time for this - like maybe a good 12-14 years!  But no, my little man has a girlfriend, and I have to admit, it's pretty darn cute.

As early as his first week at school here in Erbendorf, he told me that Audrey was his best friend.  He said they ate lunch together and held hands on the playground.  Haha, seriously?!  He told me that she can't really say his name right even though he tries to help her all the time.  But he said, "it's ok that she doesn't know my name, mommy, because she is beautiful."  Oh my land.

Now every day is colored by Audrey (he calls her au-der-y).  He'll describe every detail of the games that they play together on our walk home from school.  Sometimes he'll look at me and say, "Audrey was cranky today, mommy," and I smile as I try not to laugh.  It is, of course, a  super sad day when Audrey isn't at school, but "maybe she'll be here tomorrow, mommy!"  And yesterday was the best when he told me, "Audrey just keeps following me around EVERYWHERE. She goes here and there and all over behind me," and then a big *sigh*  He informed me today that she's not four like he is, that she is younger than him.  Apparently it is important for him to tell me he is dating a younger woman.

I have to admit, Audrey is a cutie pie.  The kid is four though, did I mention that?  I am in so much trouble...

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