Friday, August 16, 2013

Love those baby blues

I am so in love with those baby blue eyes.  Aren't they incredible?  I stare into them all day, and they make my heart flutter.  I know that a baby's eyes can often change color after the first year, but I really hope Baby C keeps these baby blues.

We are finally feeling at home and settled into our new house.  Life is seeming a tad more normal and much less hectic.  My boys are constantly keeping me on my toes, especially little r.  Baby C is three months old already. I am in shock at how quickly time is passing.  I just want to savor every moment I have with him.

I got my "camera" out today and attempted to take pictures of the boys together and the whole things was hilarious.  These two truly crack me up. I mean, look at these goofs!

Partners in crime ALREADY! I am seriously in so much trouble. Try as I might I couldn't capture one of Baby C's million smiles.  The camera was far too interesting and very distracting.  But little r is a pro at creating a huge smile on his brother's face.  I feel like this series of photos perfectly encapsulates their relationship.

I just love my boys.  They keep my life full of laughter and love.  How can you argue with that?

hope you are all enjoying the end of summer!  

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