Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finally in bloom...

This summer my flower boxes are in a sad state. Knowing we were going to be moving this summer, I didn't want to spend a substantial amount of money on flowers we would only be able to enjoy for a little while. Not knowing where we'd be moving to or if we'd be able to use our flower boxes at our new place, I wanted to keep things simple. Almost too simple...

I thought I was being clever. Let me tell you, when you come up with what you think is a great idea that NO ONE else has ever thought of, it's probably because it's really not a terribly great idea after all. My genius plan was to plant wild flowers in my flower boxes. Yes, wild flowers. Not only plant them, but plant them from seeds. Truly genius, right? I'm shaking my head at myself... What's even better is that I roped my mom into it all. Poor woman was probably afraid to argue with her postnatal and hormonal daughter and just rolled with it. Why not?! Well, this is why not...

and here's another reason...

When you plant wild flowers in a flower box, you end up with weeds... Ok, they might not really be weeds, but honestly, they seriously look like them. I really though I was being brilliant. I mean, the flowers on the seed packet were gorgeous with all these beautiful colors. I thought we'd have the beauty of the nearby farm fields right at our doorstep. I should have thought about that for a second and remembered that those farm fields have wild flowers that stand over two feet high. Yep, that's what my wild flowers are attempting to do here as well. It looks truly bizarre.

We do finally have a bloom. After a month of a cold snap delaying all the flowers in Germany, and my brilliance of planting wild flowers from seed, it only took two months to get a flower. Hahaha, I crack myself up.

Where I am a teeny bit proud is of my garden. I planted my little garden from seed this year as well. Although I don't have a single tomato or pepper yet, I'm impressed by how well it's all growing. Hard to believe they started off as little seeds just a couple months ago. And my herbs are super green and they smell incredible.

Here's how they started....

And this is what I have now...

cherry tomatoes (back left), orange peppers (back right), and beautiful herbs up front

Impressive, right? You can easily tell that I am new to this, and my green thumb is practically non-existent. But it's fun to grow your herbs and veggies from scratch and actually have something edible. Next year I need to plant things much, much earlier. Big R had a grandfather who was an amazing gardener, and he was definitely questioning my timing to grow these veggies. But I'm determined to find at least one harvest of tomatoes before the summer is over.

So, as it turns out, our new house has a yard - both front and back - and a cute porch and garden level walk-out. These areas all need a lot of work because they've been neglected for quite awhile.

our new porch - starring little r
view of our front yard

Considering it might take a week or more to get our furniture delivered, our plan is to have some fun at the garden center in town making our new home beautiful. I can't wait to get some real flowers for my flower boxes, and find some other things to help pretty things up. I'll bring you an update after we get things in presentable shape.

I'm starting to get really excited about this move :)






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