Friday, May 3, 2013

Nearly there...

I'm officially 39 weeks today.  Only one week away from my official due date, and that week honestly feels like an eternity away.  Whether the pregnancy was good, bad, normal, complicated...doesn't seem to matter.  When you get to this late stage you feel like you've been pregnant forever.  So, I'm working on relaxing a bit, trying to control my incredible nesting urge to clean constantly, and focusing on spending as much time with little r as is humanly possible.

I didn't take many pictures of my pregnancy with little r.  Big R helped me record my bump progress every month or so, and I sent off emails to my friends and family that were far away.  Other than that though, we really didn't do any other types of photographs.  Knowing that we are mostly likely stopping at two children - or at least that's the plan - I really wanted to be better at recording more of this pregnancy.  Helps a bit that I'm not working more than full-time or commuting or on bed rest.  I suppose you could say I have had slightly more time this go around to focus on taking care of myself and my growing baby bump.

One of my good friends from Book Club is also a professional photographer (here is her website in case you are stationed in Germany and need a wonderful photographer), so awhile back I had asked her if she would do a maternity photo session with me.  I'm not sure I would have had professional photos taken otherwise, and I'm really glad that we took the opportunity to get some pictures of this important phase in our lives.  The original plan was to take candid shots outside, but the weather has been brutal this winter here in Germany, and not only was it freezing the day we planned the photo shoot, but there was little to no vegetation growing yet.  Quite simply, spring was no where near arriving, so the photo shoot was moved inside.  Candids are normally more my thing.  My inner model is nonexistent, so posing feels foreign to me.  But it was really fun, and Julie helped us all feel at ease.  Little r was especially adorable during the session, and she was able to catch some priceless moments.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos from that day. So here we are, big bottom, belly, and 35 weeks!

Thank you, Julie, for capturing some beautiful moments with my family.  We will treasure them always.  Hopefully my next pregnancy blog post will be announcing the arrival of our little one.

until then...xoxoxoxo

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Jo! Thanks so much for sharing the gorgeous photos and your feelings waiting for the arrival of the next addition to your family! Feels almost like being there with you guys!
    Miss you and love you always.... K